Our Liverpool-Exchange

It was a great time. The Liverpudlians were all really friendly. It was sad that we could not sleep over at their houses because everyone wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

After a very long journey we finally arrived at our hostel and then we met our exchange partners, which was really nice. Our first experience together was walking through Liverpool, finding streets and getting to know our partners. Then we went to their school and we did some sports (football or basketball). After that we had a welcome party, ate curry and got to know each other.

The following day, we went to the Beatles Museum which was really cool and interesting. After the Beatles Museum we walked to the World Museum and met our exchange partners there. Then we left them and had fish&chips for dinner. On the third day our group separated and the boys went to the boys’ school (St. Anselm’s) and the girls attended the girls’ school (Wirral Grammar School for Girls).

It was really interesting to experience the school system in England. Later we were invited to our exchange partners’ homes to meet their families and we spent the afternoon and evening with them. For example, some kids went bowling or spent time hanging out together at home or went on a trip to a lake and then had dinner.

The next day, we visited the Anglican Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral. I have to say Liverpool has some really gorgeous cathedrals. Then we went to the Museum of Liverpool with our partners and it was quite interesting. We also went shopping in Liverpool and looked around. Then we all met up to eat pizza. After the pizza we had to say goodbye. :(

It was really sad and some of us cried. I really miss our new friends. I think everyone does. But they are coming to Germany soon. On our way home we went to Crosby Beach to see Andrew Gromsley’s “Another place” statues. Later we visited York. Of course, we still contact our exchange partners. I have to say I made some really good friends. I would take part again :)

And I want to say thank you from all Germans students to Miss Haußer and Miss Hoch for organising this trip to Liverpool! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

An obviously thankful student!